One of our biggest strengths is the pride we have in our snp selection and research. Our research is constantly improving and expanding (you will always get free updates when we make changes!). We're often asked two questions on our content:

Why don't you assess a particular snp?

Why is the low risk allele different from other services?

NutraHacker uses the best available evidence when reporting polymorphisms. Generally to be included in our reports, a snp must have published research, the variants of the snp must have demonstrated some sort of statistically significant difference, and it must be actionable. A lot of the more popular polymorphisms like GSTM1 snps have no research on them so we do not include them in our reports.

Other times our expected alleles do not agree with other reports. The other reports often have not closely read the research to determine which allele actually functions better or they have not adjusted to match the plus strand DNA that is reported from 23andMe. This can lead to errors. We are confident about our allele selection, but if you find any questionable then let us know and we will get back to you. Much of the time determining the correct allele is non trivial and requires some sleuthing. If we made an error we will correct it and issue you another report at no charge.